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JEOL-8600 microprobe database (CU Boulder) | Print date: 08/03/2021 (13:29)


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Agenda for August 2021

Color code: Free Weekend ACCEPTED PENDING

To make a reservation, contact the microprobe manager, or click "Reserve it!", or go to menu "Agenda > Make a reservation" (online reservation form).

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
2 3 Reserve it!
4 Reserve it!
5 Reserve it!
6 Reserve it!
7 Reserve it!
8 Reserve it!
9 Reserve it!
10 Reserve it!
11 Reserve it!
12 Reserve it!
13 Reserve it!
14 Reserve it!
15 Reserve it!
16 Reserve it!
17 Reserve it!
18 Reserve it!
19 Reserve it!
20 Reserve it!
21 Reserve it!
22 Reserve it!
23 Reserve it!
24 Reserve it!
25 Reserve it!
26 Reserve it!
27 Reserve it!
28 Reserve it!
29 Reserve it!
30 Reserve it!
31 Reserve it!

Administrator: login to view complete job description, including awaiting jobs...

List of all reservation dates confirmed for the current month.
List of future jobs to be executed, including a time estimate required for completion and a deadline. These dates are NOT shown on the calendar!

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