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JEOL-8600 microprobe database (CU Boulder) | Print date: 09/24/2023 (20:23)


Agenda - NEW reservation request

Use this form to send a reservation request for the electron microprobe. It will be reviewed by the EMP manager, who has the right to accept, modify, or reject it.
Make sure to provide a valid email in the "contact" field. The following information will be shown on the agenda (public): reservation dates, name, and description.
All other information are only visible to the administrator of this website and the lab manager. Fields marked with a star (*) are required!

NOTE: you can only reserve CONSECUTIVE day(s) here. If you need two or more sessions,
check the box "Duplicate?" at the end of this form to create a similar agenda entry for each.

PUBLIC information...
* Day and/or night? help
* EMP type JEOL-8600
* Starting date help    
* Ending date help    
* User name help
* User name (short) help
Description help
PRIVATE information...
* Email contact help
Sample(s) help
Comment help
Duplicate? Yes, I would like to create a similar entry with different dates
Choose here to use the microprobe only during the day, the night, or day & night.

Day time is ~ 8 AM to 6 PM, and a night time is ~ 6 PM to 8 AM (end the next day).

In the following input (starting and ending dates), you can further choose to use only the night of the first day of analysis and/or only the day of the last day.
Enter a date (format YYYY-MM-DD) for the STARTING date of analysis.
If not defined or if only a deadline date is required, enter "0000-00-00".

In addition, select if you need only the night or the day and the night for your first day of analysis.
Enter a date (format YYYY-MM-DD) for the ENDING date of analysis.
If not defined, enter "0000-00-00".

If you need to set a deadline for the completion of this job, enter "0000-00-00" in the STARTING date (previous field) and the deadline in THIS field.

In addition, select if you need only the day or the day and the night for your last day of analysis.
The name of the person responsible for the analysis.
A short name or abbreviation of the user (used in the calendar, 3 characters max.).
List here the name of the thin section(s) to analyze.
A description of the job to complete: type of analysis (quanti, mapping...), mineral type...

This information is PUBLIC (but not obligatory), meaning that, once accepted, it will be visible on the agenda!
A valid email address to contact you and to inform you about the acceptance, modification, or rejection of your reservation.

A copy of your reservation request will be sent to this address.

Although an email is always necessary, you can specify under "comment" if you prefer to be contacted by phone (if so don't forget to provide your phone number, too!).
Special consideration about your sample, your schedule, the type of analysis (e.g. confidential work), or about the way the EMP manager should contact you (e.g. write here your phone and specify you prefer a phone contact).

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