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JEOL-8600 microprobe database (CU Boulder) | Print date: 09/24/2023 (19:45)


Standard - Blocks

Click on the standard block name to display the block, then click on a standard to get more information...

Jadeite Glass VG-568 Microcline Anorthoclase Garnet P-130 Amelia albite Wollastonite Olivine #1 Ilmenite NaCl Fluorite Norbergite Kyanite Quartz Diopside #5a Wilberforce apatite Scapolite Biotite 13 Fluorophlogopite Biotite LP-6 YPO4 CePO4 LaPO4 PrPO4 NdPO4 SmPO4 EuPO4 GdPO4 U ThO2 TbPO4 DyPO4 HoPO4 ErPO4 TmPO4 YbPO4 LuPO4 Wilberforce Pyromorphite YAG Amelia albite PG721 Anorthite 137041 Microcline Wollastonite Springwater olivine Fayalite Garnet P-130 Moacyr Fluorophlogopite Biotite 13 Magnetite 114887 Chromite Ilmenite Barite Glass VG-568 Glass A-99 Benitonite Kyanite Burnet Wollastonite Barite Jadeite Hematite Quartz Garnet P-130 Amelia albite Magnetite 114887 Benitonite Glass VG-568 Kyanite Ilmenite Microcline Springwater olivine Rutile Fluoroapatite Norbergite Be BN C FeS2 Apatite Si Al MgO Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co GaAs Zn SiO2 ??? Al2O3 Cu Ni Ge Se Zr ??? Mo Pd Ag Cd W Ta Hf Te Sb Sn InAs Pt Au HgS PbS Bi PbS Bi2Se3 ThO2 U HgS Pt Au Re W Dy Ho Er Yb Hf Ta Gd Eu(PO3)2 Sm Nd3Ga5O12 CeO2 LaB6 BaSO4 Y Zircon Nb Mo Ag2S CdS SnO2 Sb2Te3 SrTiO3 GaAs ZnS Cu Ni Co Fe2O3 CaWO4 Sc TiO2 V Cr Mn CaMoO4 CaCO3 Orthoclase FeS2 GaP Amelia Albite MgO Al2O3 SiO2 Hornblende1 143 Strontianite Siderite Dolomite Calcite Anhydrite Anorthite 137041 Augite 122142 Labradorite Anorthoclase 133868 Kakanui garnet 143968 Hypersthene 746 Fluorite ThO2 K-252 K-326 K-378 Glass A-99 V-2 REE-4 REE-3 REE-2 NaCl REE-1 Norbergite Biotite 13 Fluorophlogopite Glass K-491 Olivine #1 Kakanui Hornblende Wilberforce apatite Diopside #5a Glass K-227 Olivine 111 Augite 122 CaSO4 Au60-Ag40 Au40-Ag60 Au80-Ag20 CdTe PbTe InSb HgTe Au20-Ag80 BiSe Au100 Ag100 Chromite Native lead (Pb) Wulfenite (PbMoO4) Anglesite (PbSO4) Hydrocerrusite (Pb3(CO3)2(OH)2) Pyromorphite (Pb5(PO4)3Cl) Cerrusite (PbCO3) PbTe PbS K-227

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