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JEOL-8600 microprobe database (CU Boulder) | Print date: 10/27/2021 (02:11)


List of standards available

This list is currently sorted by name of standard, ascending (+).
and indicate whether this sample is commonly in use or not.
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Limit this list to the following class of standards...

Name Block Min. class Std Els Formula  
Ag MAC, #8 Silver
Ag Ag
Ag2S #X Argentite
Ag Ag2S
Al MAC Aluminium
Al Al
Al2O3 MAC, #X Corundum
Al Al2O3
Amelia Albite A, Bence-Albee, #X Albite
Si Al Na NaAlSi3O8
Anhydrite #4 Anhydrite
Ca S CaSO4
Anorthite #4 Anorthite
Al Ca CaAl2Si2O8
Au MAC, #X, #8 Gold
Au Au
Au20-Ag80 #8 Gold-Silver alloy
Au Ag Au20Ag80
Au40-Ag60 #8 Gold-Silver alloy
Au Ag Au40Ag60
Au60-Ag40 #8 Gold-Silver alloy
Au Ag Au60Ag40
Au80-Ag20 #8 Gold-Silver alloy
Au Ag Au80Ag20
Barite Bence-Albee, #X Barite
Ba S BaSO4
Be MAC Beryllium
Be Be
Benitonite Bence-Albee Benitonite
Ba Ti Si BaTiSi3O9
Bi MAC Bismuth
Bi Bi
Bi2Se3 #X Bismuth selenide (Guanajuatite?)
(complex element)
Bi Se Bi2Se3
Biotite 13 A, #7 Biotite
Si Fe K Cl K(Fe,Mg)3AlSi3O10(OH,F)2
Biotite LP-6 A Biotite
Si Al Mg K K(Fe,Mg)3AlSi3O10(OH,F)2
BiSe #8 (complex element) Bi Se BiSe
BN MAC Boron nitride
(complex element)
C MAC Carbon (graphite)
Calcite #X, #4 Calcite
Ca C CaCO3
CaMoO4 #X Calcium molybdate
Ca Mo CaMoO4
Cassiterite #X Cassiterite
Sn SnO2
CaWO4 #X Scheelite
Ca W CaWO4
Cd MAC Cadmium
Cd Cd
CdS #X Greenockite or Hawleyite
Cd CdS
CdTe #8 Cadmium telluride
(complex element)
Cd Te CdTe
CeO2 #X Cerium oxide
Ce CeO2
CePO4 B (phosphate) Ce P CePO4
Chromite #8 Chromite
Fe Mg Cr (Fe,Mg)Cr2O4
Co MAC, #X Cobalt
Co Co
Cr MAC, #X Chromium
Cr Cr
Cu MAC, #X Copper
Cu Cu
Diopside #5a A Diopside
Si Ca Mg CaMgSi2O6
Dolomite #4 Dolomite
Ca Mg C CaMg(CO3)2
Dy #X Dysprosium
Dy Dy
DyPO4 B (phosphate) Dy DyPO4
Er #X Erbium
Er Er
ErPO4 B (phosphate) Er ErPO4
Eu diphosphate #X (phosphate) Eu Eu(PO3)2
EuPO4 B (phosphate) Eu EuPO4
Fayalite B Fayalite
Fe Si Fe2SiO4
Fe MAC Iron
Fe Fe
Fluorite A, #6 Fluorite
Ca F CaF2
Fluoroapatite Bence-Albee Fluoroapatite
Ca P F Ca5(PO4)3(F,Cl,OH)
Fluorophlogopite A, #7 Biotite
Si Mg K F KMg3(Si3Al)O10(F,OH)2
Ga-Gd garnet #X Gallium-Gadolinium garnet
Gd Ga Gd3Ga5O12
GaAs MAC, #X Gallium arsenide
(complex element)
Ga As GaAs
GaP #X Gallium phosphide
(complex element)
Ga P GaP
Garnet P-130 A, Bence-Albee Almandine-Spessartine
Si Al Fe Mn (Fe,Mn)3Al2(SiO4)3
Gd #X Gadolinium
Gd Gd
GdPO4 B (phosphate) Gd GdPO4
Ge MAC Germanium
Ge Ge
Glass K-227 #7, EPA (glass) Pb -
Glass K-252 #6 (glass) Si Ba Zn Co Cu Mn -
Glass K-326 #6 (glass) Mg B -
Glass K-378 #6 (glass) Ba Zn Na U -
Glass K-491 #7 (glass) Pb Ge -
Glass VG-568 A, Bence-Albee (glass) Si Al -
Glass VG-A99 #6 (glass) Si Al Fe -
Hematite Bence-Albee, #X Hematite
Fe Fe2O3
Hf (+Zr) MAC, #X Hafnium
Hf Hf
HgS MAC, #X Cinnabar
Hg HgS
HgTe #8 Mercury telluride
(complex element)
Hg Te HgTe
Ho #X Holmium
Ho Ho
HoPO4 B (phosphate) Ho HoPO4
Ilmenite A, Bence-Albee Ilmenite
Fe Ti FeTiO3
InAs MAC Indium arsenide
(complex element)
In As InAs
InSb #8 Indium antimonide
(complex element)
In Sb InSb
Jadeite A, Bence-Albee Jadeite
Si Al Na NaAlSi2O6
Johnstown Hypersthene #4 Hypersthene
Si Fe Mg (Mg,Fe)2Si2O6
Kakanui Anorthoclase A, #4 Anorthoclase
Si Al Na (Na,K)AlSi3O8
Kakanui Augite #4 Augite
Si Mg Ca (Ca,Na)(Mg,Fe,Al,Ti)(Si,Al)2O6
Kakanui Garnet #4 Pyrope
Si Al Fe Mg (Mg,Fe,Ca,Mn)3Al2(SiO4)3
Kakanui Hornblende #7 Hornblende
Si Al Fe Mg Ca Ca2(Fe,Mg)4(Al,Fe)Si7AlO22(OH)2
Kyanite A, Bence-Albee Kyanite
Al Si Al2SiO5
LaB6 #X Lanthanum hexaborate
(complex element)
La B LaB6
Lake County Labradorite #4 Plagioclase
Si Ca Al (Ca,Na)(Al,Si)4O8
LaPO4 B (phosphate) La P LaPO4
LuPO4 B (phosphate) Lu LuPO4
Magnetite Bence-Albee Magnetite
Fe Fe3O4
MgO MAC, #X Periclase
Mg MgO
Microcline A, Bence-Albee Microcline
Si Al K KAlSi3O8
Mn MAC, #X Manganese
Mn Mn
Mo MAC, #X Molybdenum
Mo Mo
NaCl A, #6 Halite
Na Cl NaCl
Nb #X Niobium
Nb Nb
Nd-Gd garnet #X Neodymium-Gadolinium garnet
Nd Ga Nd3Ga5O12
NdPO4 B (phosphate) Nd NdPO4
Ni MAC, #X Nickel
Ni Ni
Norbergite A, Bence-Albee, #7 Norbergite
Si Mg F Mg3(SiO4)(F,OH)2
Olivine #1 A, #7 Forsterite
Si Mg (Fe,Mg)2SiO4
Olivine 111 #7 Forsterite
Si Mg (Fe,Mg)2SiO4
Orthoclase MAD-10 #X Orthoclase
Si K KAlSi3O8
PbS MAC, #X, EPA Galena
Pb PbS
PbTe #8, EPA Lead telluride (Altaite?)
(complex element)
Pb Te PbTe
Pd MAC Palladium
Pd Pd
PG721 B Labradorite
Ca Na Al Si (Ca,Na)(Si,Al)4O8
PrPO4 B (phosphate) Pr P PrPO4
Pt MAC, #X Platinum
Pt Pt
Pyrite #X Pyrite
Fe S FeS2
Pyromorphite Main block Pyromorphite
Pb Pb5(PO4)3Cl
Quartz A, Bence-Albee, MAC, #X Quartz
Si SiO2
Re #X Rhenium
Re Re
REE-1 #6 (glass) Eu Gd Tb Tm -
REE-2 #6 (glass) Nd Sm Yb Lu -
REE-3 #6 (glass) Y La Ce Pr -
REE-4 #6 (glass) Dy Ho Er -
Rutile Bence-Albee, #X Rutile
Ti TiO2
Sb MAC Antimony
Sb Sb
Sb2Te3 #X Antimony telluride or Tellurantimony
(complex element)
Sb Te Sb2Te3
Sc #X Scandium
Sc Sc
Scapolite (Meionite) A Scapolite
Si Al Ca (Na,Ca)4Al3Si9O24Cl
Se MAC Selenium
Se Se
Si MAC Silicon
Si Si
Siderite #4 Siderite
Fe C FeCO3
Sm #X Samarium
Sm Sm
SmPO4 B (phosphate) Sm SmPO4
Sn MAC Tin
Sn Sn
Springwater Olivine Bence-Albee Forsterite
Si Mg Fe (Fe,Mg)2SiO4
SrTiO3 #X Strontium titanate
Sr Ti SrTiO3
Strontianite #4 Strontianite
Sr SrCO3
Ta MAC, #X Tantalum
Ta Ta
TbPO4 B (phosphate) Tb TbPO4
Te MAC Tellurium
Te Te
ThO2 #X, #6 Thorianite
Th ThO2
Ti MAC Titanium
Ti Ti
TmPO4 B (phosphate) Tm TmPO4
U #X Uranium
V MAC, #X Vanadium
W MAC, #X Tungsten
Wilberforce apatite A, #7 Fluoroapatite
Ca P Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,Cl)
Wollastonite A, Bence-Albee Wollastonite
Si Ca CaSiO3
Y #X Yttrium
YAG Main block Y-garnet
Y Y3Al5O12
Yb #X Ytterbium
Yb Yb
YbPO4 B (phosphate) Yb YbPO4
YPO4 B (phosphate) Y YPO4
Zircon #X Zircon
Zr Si ZrSiO4
Zn MAC Zinc
Zn Zn
ZnS #X Sphalerite
Zn S ZnS
Zr MAC Zirconium
Zr Zr

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