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JEOL-8600 microprobe database (CU Boulder) | Print date: 11/26/2021 (23:39)


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X-ray mapping - Map calculator

Calculate the right setting for your WDS element mapping or load an existing one from the list aside the title.
WARNING: Time estimation is accurate for a beam scan. However, there is a delay of several seconds at the end of each line during a stage scan.
For instance, a delay of 3 to 5 seconds has been observed on CAMECA SX-50, which could be worse if the stage needs to move back after each line...


Left: help Right:
Mapping for JEOL-8600
Image size X [px]... help
Image size Y [px]...
Step size [µm/px]...
Force maximum X-pixels help
Image size X [px]
Image size Y [px]
Step size [µm/px]
Time input... help
Select (on the right): (a) dwell time, (b) total analysis time in hours or (c) in minutes.
a) Dwell time [ms/px]
b) Total [h]
c) Total [min]
Reset the form
Enter X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) coordinates for the region to map. Value for top (or right) must be higher than value for bottom (or left).

Maximum values in mm constrained by the stage limit are...

For JEOL-8600:
- LEFT (X) = 0.6
- RIGHT (X) = 80
- TOP (Y) = 80
- BOTTOM (Y) = 0.6

These limits can be adjusted in the file ""; ask your webmaster!
Select the EMP to use. This will only limit the maximum number of pixel per map.
Choose your calculation option on the right and enter on the left the required value:
- Image size in pixels along X or
- Image size in pixels along Y or
- Step size in micrometer per pixel.

Note: the maximum image size is 1024 pixels for JEOL-8600..

If checked, this options will force a maximum size for your map. It will take the maximum amount of pixel allowed at the selected electron microprobe, and multiply this value by the selected step size. It will then adjust the X position (left and right) in consequence. This can be useful for full thin section map, or to get the largest map at a specific step size.
Choose your calculation option on the right and enter the time constraint on the right:
- Dwell time (countintg time on each pixel) or
- Total acquisition time (in hours or minutes).

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